Personal Websites

Useful trip reports from around the internet for planning your next outing in the Canadian Rockies.

Scrambling in the Canadian Rockies Facebook Group

• 4,000 Group members providing real-time updates on current conditions. A great place to find beta or a friend!

• Vern Dewit's Web Page: Vern has completed every ascent in Alan Kane's "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies" in addition to many others. His photos and route descriptions have proven to be an invaluable resource to me over the years.

Road Not Taken

• Bob Spirko's Web Page: Excellent descriptions of alternative routes and an all-round great resource.

Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies

• Andrew Nugara's Web Page: the links don't always work but the functional content is great. Andrew is once again updating his site (and his guidebook)!

• Steven Song's Web Page: Steven bags new peaks at an ungodly pace. Although he now resides on the west coast, he bagged more Rockies peaks in a short time span than most do in a lifetime.

• So Nakagawa's Web Page: So is the man! And he has the slick website to prove it. Excellent route descriptions and stunning photos. Sadly, the page is no longer updated regularly.

Bou Avenue

• Sonny Bou's Web Page: Proving that an alpine start is not always necessary.

Golden Scrambles

• Chronicling Josée and Fabrices many adventures on both sides of the Rocky Mountains.

Marko Stavric Photography

• Marko's Web Page: Wonderful photography and creative destinations from Marko Stavric.

The Raffinator

• Raff's Web Page: Wanna climb a peak? Check Raf's page; the Crazy Pol has probably been up it!

Get out and Hike

• Matt Clay's Web Page: A great resource for hikers looking to get into peak bagging.

Giants Gate Journeys

• Mike Mitchell's Web Page: very spiffy web design, entertaining commentary and some really worthwhile peaks.

Peaks and Streams

• Dave McMurray's Web Page: a great resource for outings in the southern Canadian Rockies (Castle, Crowsnest and Waterton).

Spectacular Mountains

• Cornelius' We Page: well-documented accounts of some more obscure (mostly front range) peaks in the Rockies.

Ali Sekara's Blog

• Alison Sekara's Web Page: showcasing outings around the Rockies.

Rocky Mountain Ramblers

• THE hiking club in the Canadian Rockies.

• Eric Coulthard's Web Page: Eric climbs some more obscure peaks but if you ever need to identify a peak, his page is more handy than a topo map.

Paul Zizka Photography

• Paul Zizka's Web Page: The most stunning photography in the Canadian Rockies.

• User-submitted trip reports including a wealth of beta provided by Rick Collier. Pity it's not a free resource like every other similar site!

The Peakbagger's Page

• Alan Kane's Web Page: A classic.

• Formerly great way to get updates on current conditions; has been largely overtaken by Facebook of late.

Current Conditions

I never leave home without checking the conditions up high!

Spot WX

• Reliable high resolution (2.5 km) weather forecasts. Spot's multiple models give you a good chance to see accurate precipitation, cloud cover and freezing levels. The best weather site out there.

Mountain Weather Forecasts

• Weather forecasts for specific peaks and elevations. Usually quite accurate for same or next day forecasts.

Banff National Park Trail Conditions

Kananaskis Trail Report

Rocky Mountain Webcams

Why believe a weather forecast when you can see conditions for yourself?

Lake Louise Ski Resort Webcams

Sunshine Village Ski Resort Webcams

Brewster's Banff Gondola and Columbia Icefield Webcams

Assiniboine Lodge Webcam

Mount Robson Webcam

Marmot Basin Ski Resort Webcams

Jasper Tram Webcam

Nakiska Ski Resort Webcams

Canmore Webcams

Waterton Park Webcam

Crowsnest Pass Webcams

Mountain Safety

Play safe in the mountains! These websites will help:

Mount Safety in Canada's National Parks

• Some interesting reading. Perhaps the best way to avoid ending up on this page is to learn from the mistakes of others

Kananaskis Public Safety

• Frequent updates on conditions and rescues in Kananaskis Country.

ACMG Mountain Conditions

• Recent condition reports direct from local professional guides.

• Venturing out in winter conditions? Be sure to check for the latest avanlanche bulletins:

Mountain Fun

Slogging up scree isn't the only fun that you can have in the mountains!

Mtn Babes

• Why do I never see any of these girls on the summits of the peaks that I climb?

Mountain Obsession

• Join the Global Mountain Tribe!

Ben Gadd's Labelled Cochrane Mountain Panorama

• Wondering what that peak out the window of your Calgary home/office etc. is? Check out this awesome interactive panorama of the summits visible from Calgary! Keep zooming in for more and more peaks - a really fun way to spend your time at work!