Cascade Mountain

Elevation: 2998 m
Elevation Gain: 1460 m
Cascade Mountain is the spectacular peak visible at the end of Banff Avenue. The peak is the highest peak immediately adjacent to the Banff town site. Cascade was named in 1858 by James Hector based upon the name used by the local natives: Minihapa – which means “where the water falls”. Cascade’s summit was first reached in 1887 by L.B. Stewart and Tom Wilson. Many have followed since.
My Ascents:
September 18 2011, October 9 2010, August 1 2008

Brianne has long wanted to climb Cascade Mountain – or so she claimed (I found out only after our ascent that she had been confusing Cascade and Castle Mountains) – so we set out to finally get her to the top of this beautiful Banff behemoth. At Brianne’s request, her sister Jana also joined us as we set out to climb (what turned out to be) the wrong mountain!

The claustrophobic environs of the Cascade amphitheatre on an overcast morning. The summit of Cascade tucked away in thick cloud. The forecast had promised clearing and a mainly sunny afternoon in Banff...

Jana negotiating a slick boulder field. Note to self for future ascents: ignore the cairns in this boulder field. They've clearly been left by idiots. Sticking to the cairn-less ridge crest is much more pleasant!

Finally some enjoyable rock!

Lunch break in front of the Norquay ski area (it was more difficult to spot for some of us than it was for others).

Breezy wondering what exactly it is about scrambling that she enjoys...

Clearing skies finally granted us a view of the summit, now within striking distance! The only question now: would the weather hold?

Breezy and Jana enjoying themselves in front of Mount Rundle and Canmore.

Traversing a good ledge to dodge the false summit.

Although still overcast at the summit, we were granted a fine view of Lake Minnewanka (or is that Wannatuka?).

From overcast to snowing...increased cloud and high winds signal the approach of a storm. Highway 1 more than a kilometer and a half below.

The poor Breezy goat: exhausted and sheltering from the storm on a ledge a meter below the summit.

Exposing myself to the elements a meter above on the summit. 46 down, 4 to go!


Sometimes it's tough to find a comfy spot to sit...

That's better!

Group summit shot. Blizzard imminent.

Staring down into the snowy abyss.

Beating a hasty retreat in blizzard conditions.

Time to put the camera away! Being pelted by high winds, ice and snow. Time to GTFD!