East End of Rundle (EEOR)

Elevation: 2530 m
Elevation Gain: 900 m
The name EEOR (derived as an acronym for East End of Rundle) is likely a reference to the melancholy donkey of Winnie the Pooh fame. The peak itself is the most south-easterly outlier of the 12 km long Mount Rundle massif.
My Ascents:
June 30 2012, July 14 2011, June 25 2011, May 24 2010, June 22 2008, July 15 2007

After finally getting Brianne a proper set of scrambling boots, we were keen to try them out. Brianne attempted EEOR last winter, however, she was unable to summit that day. As a result, she was very motivated to make it all the way this time.

Approaching the alpine meadow just below EEOR's summit block. This was where she was turned back last winter.

Excited at the prospect of some hands-on scrambling!

Making her way up the crux ridge.

All smiles.

Great views across Goat Creek.

The secret to good egg salad sandwiches is spilling yogurt all over them.

Ha Ling, Lawrence Grassi, the Three Sisters and the Canmore corridor.

Ha Ling...it was a Thursday afternoon, and surprisingly, I think I only see one person.

Awkward summit couple photo!

I just love the look of her new boots...

Pointing out her sister's house.

Spray Lake and Goat Mountain.

Lady Macdonald and Squaws Tit across the Bow Valley.

Heading over to the second summit. Why the hell not?

"The Boss was here."

Cautiously making her way back down.