Heart Mountain

Elevation: 2135 m
Elevation Gain: 875 m
Heart Mountain was named in 1957 for the prominent limestone fold resembling a heart near its summit.
My Ascents:
June 4 2011, April 2 2010

During the course of a night of drinking on June 3, Lise and I decided that a trip up Heart Mountain the subsequent morning would be a good idea. The next “good idea” that I had was to continue drinking well into the morning (long after Lise had gone home to bed). Suffice to say, when Lise phoned at 8am with my wakeup call, I was not ready to go. After trying to sleep it off for another hour, I decided that the best way to burn off this hangover would be to sweat it out so I phoned Lise and told her it was “go time”! After having a hard time keeping my breakfast down on the ride out, I’m not sure what part of me thought that any of this was a good idea…

Heart Mountain is fairly unimpressive looking from the highway and the summit view is equally unimpressive. And yet, the scramble up isn’t trivial. The route is quite steep and, generally, unpleasant. All in all, I’ve decided that Heart Mountain is the most effort for the least reward in the Rockies.

We can now consider ourselves fairly warned.

All of my photos from this trip (including this selfie) are courtesy Lise since I was too hungover to operate a camera.

Tackling the crux.

Looking towards the summit from just below the crux.

Above the crux, the terrain becomes a little more enjoyable resulting in the odd smile from myself between alcohol-related dizzy spells.

Lise claws her way up the mountain.

Enjoyable sub-summit scrambling (is there any other kind?) with Doorjamb Mountain and Yamnuska beyond.

She’s not even hungover and she’s ready for this scramble to be done too!

Meandering my way up.

Every time that the route starts to get interesting, someone marred it by placing fluorescent route markers! Here I defy there marker with an unnecessarily large lunge.

Not sure if anyone else would be on the summit, Lise asked a stranger on their way down to take our photo.


Feeling just awesome...light-headed and a cold sweat. 4 alarm hangover in progress!

Mount McGillivray, Pigeon Mountain and Grotto Mountain over Lac des Arcs.

Almost there...

Grotto Mountain to the west.

Trying to sleep it off on the summit!

Yamnuska and the prairies beyond.

Canmore at the feet of Mount Lawrence Grassi, Ha Ling and EEOR.

Nothing says "bad ass scrambler" like an apatasaurus sandwich container.

Finally some sun on the Bow Valley.

Summit rodent. Not to be trusted.

Despite Lise's earlier concerns, there was someone else up here to take our summit photo.

Time to mosey back down to the highway.

Lise making quick work of the crux down climb.

She’s smiling because she knows I’m going to botch the down climb in my hungover state.

Easy as pie.

Oh God! I'm stuck!

Trying to stay on my feet…note to self: no more drinking until 3am before scrambling…this time for real!