Moose Mountain

Elevation: 2437 m
Elevation Gain: 525 m
Moose Mountain was so-named in 1949 as a result of its (supposed) resemblance to a resting moose on the horizon. The peak is the site of a forestry service fire lookout and is a popular hiking objective due to its proximity to Calgary. As many as 8,000 ascents per season are recorded!
My Ascents:
November 6 2012, July 19 2010, May 28 2009

Winter may be here but that doesn’t mean that I’m done padding my summit totals for the year! At least not yet…particularly when a sunny forecast planted the seeds of a winter ascent of relatively tame Moose Mountain in my mind. Gord, as he often is, was more than willing to accompany me despite the chilly November air, however, he asked that I come by his house to help him lift some heavy object or another before we embarked on our trip. He even agreed to drive (fortunate given that his truck would prove to be instrumental in getting us up the rough snowy road to the trailhead)! This brief stop-over and change of vehicles did have one unfortunate side-effect though; Matt forgot to transfer his boots and ALL of his hiking gear (jacket, gloves, toque, water, food etc.) from his trunk into Gord’s – a discovery which we made upon reaching the trailhead. Sh*t. Fortunately, it’s not as though I would let that keep me from reaching my 53rd summit of the year!

Most of the ascent up Moose Mountain, isn’t particularly inspiring and, having climbed it numerous times before, the camera didn’t emerge until near the top; a top which featured a snowy finish! Actually, the last few summits this year have been snowy come to think of it...

Turns out it wasn't snow, it was ice...good thing I had my boots – oh wait…

Boots or no boots (and ice or no ice), we made it to the top! Looking east to the vast expanse of the prairie.

Calgary 57 km to the east and a little lower down.

That was a cold f*cking wind.

A fine view of the Banded Peak - Outlaw Peak - Mount Cornwall - Mount Glasgow four-fer mega-scramble. Mount Rae prominent between Banded and Outlaw.

It's surprising how many big peaks you can see from Moose Mountain if you know where to look! From left to right: Mount Sparrowhawk, Wind Mountain, Mount Allan (foreground), Mount Lougheed, Mount Collemboia (foreground), and the Three Sisters.

The four peaks of Mount Lougheed.

Faith, Hope and Charity Peaks...better known as the Three Sisters.

My oh-so-appropriate winter mountain footwear. Note the mesh. My feet were SO cold.

Banff landmark Mount Rundle behind Grotto Mountain in the distance.

Some of the largest peaks in K-Country to the west: Mounts Galatea, Kidd and Bogart amongst others.

The readily distinguishable summit pyramid of Mount Bogart, beyond which (surprisingly) Mount Assiniboine can be seen.

It was too cold to sit on the helipad. We were forced to shelter behind the fire lookout itself.

Front range helipad. Now if only a warm helicopter would come to take us back down!

White-capped Mount Aylmer dominating the view of the front ranges to the north.

The old man and I on top of my 53rd summit of the year on my 50th different mountain!

Late season sun casting long shadows across the mountains means it's time to GTFD and get back to a warm truck!