Tower of Babel

Elevation: 2310 m
Elevation Gain: 450 m
The Tower of Babel was named by Walter Wilcox in reference to the biblical tower built with the aim of reaching heaven. Unlike the original, however, the Canadian Tower of Babel stops well short of heaven. In fact, it is dwarfed by the massive peaks of the continental divide that surround it.
My Ascents:
August 3 2011

Happy birthday to me! For years now, I’ve bagged a peak on my birthday and this year would be no different! After climbing Mount Wilcox the previous day, Brianne and I spent the night at the Rampart Creek hostel so that we could get an alpine start for my birthday. Brianne, unfortunately, had to work a night shift on my birthday, so we were somewhat limited with regard to what objectives we could undertake (the goal was to have her home and in bed by noon). With that in mind, we selected the Tower of Babel as our goal for the day since it is a small peak in spectacular surroundings. As Kane suggests, it is indeed a “pleasant alternative to a rest day”!

She's a keeper! Third scramble in three days for my birthday! Since we knew well ahead of time that we wouldn’t be able to bag a big peak on my birthday because of Brianne’s work schedule, we planned a three day excursion (with previous outings on Mount St. Piran and Mount Wilcox) instead.

While the Tower of Babel is actually quite small compared to most of the other peaks in the Moraine Lake area, it still looks somewhat formidable from this angle!

Brianne fighting her way up the scree ascent gully. Fortunately, it was possible to find half-way solid footing closer to the sides of the gully.

Great views of Eiffel Peak and Morraine Lake below the gully.

Suffering on scree.

The tower's steep walls surround us.

Although the ascent was a little tedious, we were able to stop and admire the view of Mount Temple frequently.

Colorful rocks mark the top of the ascent gully. Almost there!

Just about the only hands-on scrambling on the route.

Brianne topping out in the gully. Just a quick little walk to the summit now.

The broad summit plateau.

A very happy birthday!

The summit plateau came equipped with all of the comforts of home! Brianne especially enjoyed the couch and foot rest...

Too bad there was no beer fridge.

"Hey Boss, what's on TV tonight?"

They only get one channel up here, but fortunately for me, it's all Temple, all the time.

Moraine Lake and some of the Ten Peaks (Mount Tuzo, Deltaform Mountain and Neptuak Mountain) from the top.

Consolation Lakes, Panorama Ridge and the glaciated Mounts Bident Quadra to the south.

The long dull avalanche gully ascent route up Panorama Ridge.

Consolation Lakes shimmer in the morning sun below.

Thanks for the great birthday beautiful!