Boulder Pass and Hidden Lake

August 2, 2012

Day 3 - amidst highly unsettled weather and after a sleepless night defending Brianne from the nefarious homicidal porcupine at the base of Mount Richardson, we opted for a relatively small objective, Heather Ridge. Heather Ridge is so small, it's not even in the Outings book. As it turned out, we wouldn't even make it close to Heather Ridge before the weather turned...looks like another day with a burning question on my mind and no chance to ask it. It was also our third straight day of poor weather - not exactly what we signed up for on our summer vacation!

Overcast skies over Mount Redoubt from boulder-strewn Boulder Pass on our way to attempt Heather Ridge.

The goat playing at the aptly named Boulder Pass. Ptarmigan Peak beyond.

2 minutes later: retreating inside the same massive boulder as a blizzard hits with impressive speed and force. We waited it out inside this "cave" for 40 minutes in the freezing cold before abandoning our objective for the day and retreating back to camp. It rained all day. Luckily we were able to stay somewhat dry inside the nearby Halfway Hut.

Ever the optimist, Brianne tries to salvage the rainy day with a quick venture out of the dry Halfway Hut to nearby Hidden Lake.

...I was having none of this "optimist" crap. Rain and snow suck when you're stuck in a tent not bagging peaks! With my birthday tomorrow, I was desperately hoping for some blue sky and a summit!