Ha Ling Peak

Elevation: 2408 m
Elevation Gain: 700 m
Ha Ling Peak is a highly recognizable high point on the north-western edge of Mount Lawrence Grassi. The peak was named for the first man to ascend it and has been the subject of some controversy through the years. Ha Ling was a cook of Chinese descent whose 1896 first ascent came about as the result of a bet that he could not climb the peak and plant a flag on the summit in less than 10 hours. Needless to say, Ha Ling won the bet and the mountain was named "Chinaman's Peak" in his honor. In 1997 (the age of political correctness), the peak was officially re-christened as Ha Ling Peak as the term "Chinaman" was deemed to be racist. Oddly enough, the more offensively named but less popular peak across the valley (Squaw's Tit) retains its politically incorrect monicker to this day.
My Ascents:
May 21 2012, May 1 2011, May 23 2010, May 16 2009, February 8 2009, October 5 2008, August 13 2006

After working the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of May long weekend, poor Brianne was feeling as though she had missed out on all of the fun. In order to try to make the best of a bad situation, however, she decided that she would only sleep for 4 hours on holiday Monday and that we would then head out to the mountains for a quick scramble. After building up little Crux’s stamina on a couple of small hikes, we felt that Ha Ling might prove to be good first summit for our little puppy.

Crux putting his shepherd skills to good use herding the goat up the barren summit slopes of Ha Ling.

"Do I have to?" Poor little guy was pretty tired by the time that we broke the tree line.

A little encouragement to keep going.

A sleep-deprived Brianne and her baby on his first summit!

The first summit of many for Crux the wonder-dog!

Puppy's still a little clumsy so we kept a tight grip on his harness up here.

Canmore far below and Grotto Mountain (the sight of yesterday's scramble slog) across the valley.

What does a puppy do on the summit of a mountain? Try to dig his way back down of course.

Family summit shot.

Impressive views of Mount Lawrence Grassi (the true summit of Ha Ling) to the east.

We warmed up with some Bengal spice tea stolen from Brianne's sister. I think I'm hooked now...

Time to test his descending skills.

Turns out he's more interested in climbing than he is in going back down.

Still a little unsure on his feet (him or me?!) but Ha Ling turned out to be a great start to our little monster's scrambling career.