Prairie Mountain

Elevation: 2210 m
Elevation Gain: 700 m
Prairie Mountain was named prior to 1928 for the rounded, grass-covered, prairie-like character of its summit.
My Ascents:
May 3 2013, June 6 2012, March 7 2010, May 19 2008

E-mail from my mom midweek:
Hi Matt, Are you off this Friday? I'll go up Prairie Mountain if you and Crux want to do it.
I don’t know when the last time that Crux and I refused an invite to bag a peak and we weren’t about to start now!

The “hounds” starting up the hill mountain!

They ganged up on me and made me take breaks on the way up.

Breaking through the tree line…not nearly as snowy as it was during my last ascent!

Crux on summit approach.

Mom enjoying the spring sun on the summit – her second trip up Prairie Mountain this year!

Pleasant views of Banded Peak, Outlaw Peak and Mount Glasgow to the south.

Three of a possible four’fer.

Mount Remus, Mount Fullerton and Fisher Peak to the west beyond a snowy Nihahi Ridge.

The north end of Compression Ridge and Mount Bryant to the north.

The cairn was the only dry place to sit for lunch.

Leftover for casserole for Crux!

Snowy front range panorama. Click to see larger.

First summit of the weekend and it’s not even technically the weekend yet!

A snowy trip down through the woods after a pleasant spring day on Prairie Mountain.