Paget Peak

Elevation: 2560 m
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
Paget Peak is an exception in the Canadian Rockies: a peak actually named after the first person to successfully climb it. In addition to being the first person to climb Paget Peak, Dean Paget was also a founding member of the Alpine Club of Canada. The peak's southern slopes previously served as one of the first fire lookouts in the Canadian Rockies. Although the structure that was used for this purpose remains there, it has not been used since the 1970s.
My Ascents:
September 26 2014, August 13 2011, August 28 2010
GPS Track: Paget Peak

After a rigorous 3 day work week (woe is me), it was time for another Friday off in the mountains. With Aunty Di in town from Victoria on one of her increasingly frequent pilgrimages to the Rockies, I would actually have the rare benefit of human company to go along with my usual canine compatriot on this Friday outing. We decided to make our way up Paget Peak based on its high scenery to effort ratio, however, we made the error of assuming that a “partially cloudy” forecast meant that the day would also be partially sunny. As you’ll go on to see, there was nothing “partial” about the cloudiness that we ran into…

More like “complete, total and utterly hopeless cloudiness” as we strain to imagine the views towards Field en route to the Paget Lookout.

After getting completely soaked by relentless mist and showers, we were happy to arrive at the old Paget fire lookout where we could enjoy a warm cup of tea out of the rain and wind.

Eventually, we managed to drag ourselves away from the shelter of the lookout and resumed our journey deeper into the cloud.

A rare glimpse of the (false) summit on ascent – this was about as thin as the clouds got up high!

Crux shows Aunty Di the way through the increasingly loose rock below the false summit.

She’s laughing because we had no idea Sherbrooke Lake was right there until the clouds suddenly (and briefly) lifted.

Ah yes – that’s more like it.

Spectacular views in every direction from the false summit – just like I promised, eh Aunty Di? ;-)

Smart people probably would have called it a day at the false summit. Cleary we’re not smart as we made our way past the small down climb (pictured here) and on towards the true summit a few minutes beyond.

Crux and I enjoy another beautiful day in the Canadian Rockies. :-P

Breathtaking summit views towards Mount Bosworth.

A brief clearing granted us a view of an outlier of Mount Niles above the Niles Meadows. That’s right – the best view of the day wasn’t even a peak; it was an outlier of a peak (and it only lasted for a couple seconds).

After a whopping 3 photos on the cold summit, we were chased off by snow. I bet Victoria was looking mighty fine to Aunty Di right around now.

Fast forward to the bottom: of course the sun came out right as we reached the car. On the upside, a bad day in the mountains beats a good day at work! Thanks to Aunty Di for being a good sport and not throwing the towel in on this ugly day!

For a Paget Peak trip report which is a little lighter on sarcasm and a little heavier of route details and photos of the stunning summit scenery, please check here.