Boom Lake

Elevation: 1895 m
Elevation Gain: 175 m
Round Trip Distance: 10.2 km
Boom Lake was named for the crescent-shaped collection of driftwood that gathers upon a submerged moraine near its outlet. This feature was said to resemble a lumberman’s boom.
My Ascents:
September 27 2015.

With our baby due in one week, Brianne and I decided to head out to the mountains for one last hike prior to the big day. Since walking is rumored to expedite labor, we figured that a 10 km hike would be sure to kick start things! In the hopes of setting off our very own “baby boom”, we, therefore, enjoyed a leisurely hike to beautiful Boom Lake!

The hike to Boom Lake follows a wide, relatively level trail through thick, uninspiring forest. These confining conifers have earned the hike a “Don’t Go” ranking from the authors of Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies. If we had heeded their advice, however, we would have missed out on a pleasant walk to a stunningly scenic endpoint. Boom Lake is one of those hikes where the end really does justify the means!

Prison-like views of Stanley Peak through the forest.

A small clearing offers limited views of golden larch trees on Boom Mountain’s steep shoulder. This probably ranks as the best view along the entire 5.1 km length of the trail to Boom Lake. Fortunately, 5.1 km isn’t that long and the lake will quickly make you forget the tedium of the hike in!

Enthusiastic hikers will be able to reach the lake in an hour but you should probably budget a little longer if you (or your hiking partner) are 39 weeks pregnant! ;-)

Having arrived at our destination, Brianne perched herself atop the comfiest boulder that she could find and enjoyed some lunch and the surrounding scenery.

Boom Mountain’s sheer north face rises sharply above the lake.

Breathtaking Boom Lake’s cerulean surface contrasts with fall colors and snow-capped peaks. Many things in life are about the journey and not the destination. The hike to Boom Lake, however, is just the opposite. The journey may be dull but the destination ranks among the prettiest possible!

Snow-clad Chimney Peak towers above a glacier-scoured plateau to the west.

Chickadee Peak sits atop a larch forest, aflame in fall color.

Family photo.

This poser is excited that he’s about to be a big brother!

Mommy, baby (coming soon!) and fur-baby.

Attempting not to fall in…

After soaking in the scenery and enjoying some PB&J, it was time to head out. Since the 5.1 km hike in didn’t hasten Baby’s arrival perhaps the 5.1 km hike out would?...

Nope! Back at the trailhead and still pregnant! So much for our “baby boom”!