Grassi Lakes

Elevation: 1525 m
Elevation Gain: 250 m
Round Trip Distance: 3.8 km
Grassi Lakes are a pair of spring-fed pools which overlook Canmore, AB. Like the much larger mountain almost immediately above them, these lakes were named for Lawrence Grassi. Grassi emigrated from Italy in 1912 and worked as a coal miner in Canmore. He would often spend his days off ascending peaks (including an impressive 32 ascents of Mount Louis and the first solo ascent of Mount Assiniboine). In an effort to share his love for the mountains with others, Grassi took it upon himself to expertly craft many hiking trails (including the popular trail to his namesake lakes).
My Ascents:
October 24 2015.

After welcoming a beautiful baby girl (Mera Louise) into our family, Brianne and I were eager to introduce our little peak bagger to the mountains that she’ll be summiting in the years to come! At the tender age of 11 days, we, therefore made our way out to Canmore to take Mera on her very first hike: the pleasant stroll to Grassi Lakes!

Although unseasonably warm, it was still October so we were sure to bundle up our little one to make sure that she stayed both stylish and toasty!

Crux and Daddy point out Grotto Mountain for little Mera while waiting for Grandma and Grandpa at the trailhead. Once everyone arrived, we opted to follow the “easy” path (an old fire road) to Grassi Lakes. The alternative trail, which features steep stairs, will have to wait until Mommy completely recovers from her C-section.

Before Mera knew it, we’d arrived at the colorful little lakes named for Larry G (time flies when you sleep the whole way up)!

Pastel reflections in the calm cerulean pools.

Crux gets some much-needed attention from Mom! He may not be the (fur) baby anymore but we still love him!

After a casual stroll around the lakes, we retraced our steps, ending Mera’s first mountain adventure with a long car ride home (like most babies, I suspect that the car ride was her favorite part of the day)!