Middle Sister

Elevation: 2769 m
Elevation gain: 1400 m
The Three Sisters form a picturesque backdrop for the town of Canmore. The peaks were originally named the Three Nuns by Albert Rogers in 1883. Rogers felt that the peaks, veiled in snow, looked like 3 veiled nuns (Faith, Hope and Charity). The name “Three Sisters” first appeared on George Dawson’s 1886 map of the area. It is likely that Dawson felt the latter name would sound more protestant and appropriate. The Middle Sister (Hope Peak) is the second highest of the Three Sisters. It was first ascended in Mont. B. Morrow in 1921. Morrow so enjoyed the ascent that he made it his dying wish to have his ashes laid to rest atop the peak. Upon his passing in 1964, 2 of his friends made a register which contained his ashes and placed it on the summit, fulfilling Morrow’s wishes.
My Ascents:
August 12 2007

After agreeing to climb Heart Mountain with Aunty Di, I suggested a last minute change of objective to the much cooler-looking Middle Sister. Ignoring Kane’s round trip time of 5 – 9 hours, we set off across the golf course and up Stewart Creek despite the fact that I had to pick up my dad from the airport in 9 hours. Suffice to say, I was late!

Mountaineering pose at the base of the Middle Sister after the long boulder-hopping trek up Stewart Creek to get to there.

Aunty Di was exhausted by the trudge up Stewart Creek but after a little lunch, was invigorated and we pressed on; Middle Sister and Little Sister in the background.

Gazing out over the Bow Valley.

The Big Sister as seen from the col between it and the Middle Sister.

Peaks from the Spray lakes valley begin to emerge from behind the ridge as we gained elevation.

The summit of the Middle Sister. If one looks closely, you can see a mountain goat scurrying down the cliff-side to the bottom right.

Our company at the summit.

Three cairns and an inukshuk mark the summit.

Looking down on the Little Sister from the summit.

The Bow Valley; Mount Lawrence Grassi, Mount Rundle and Cascade Mountain.

A wind-blown Matt at the summit, with the Big Sister in the background.

The view back towards Kananaskis including Mount Lougheed.

Aunty Di, triumphant (and sweaty) after signing the summit register.

Another view from the top as we began to head back down.