Mount Allan

Elevation: 2819 m
Elevation gain: 1391 m
Named by M.B.B. Crockford (a geologist who, in 1947, mapped the coal seam which was mined on Mt. Allan) in 1948. Allan, Dr. J.A (A Professor of Geology an the University of Alberta, Dr. Allan was responsible for locating much of the coal reserves in the province.). The peak's eastern slopes hold the Nakiska ski area which was used as the downhill skiing venue for the 1988 winter Olympics.
My Ascents:
June 24 2009

While the cats away...
With our supervisor off in Europe for a conference, the whole group decided to take good advantage of nice weather (and his absense) in order to bag a peak!

Olympic summit, or at least what we originally thought was Olympic summit...

Good year for grouses!

Mount Allan rises beyond the grassy plateau of Olympic summit.

Panorama from the Olympic summit (the actual Olympic summit)!

Group lunch overlooking Mount Sparrowhawk.

The mountain named after a warship named after a bird, Mount Sparrowhawk.

Centennial ridge winds towards Mount Allan below Mount Lougheed.

Centennial ridge, and the route up Mount Allan.

No gloves? No problem!

Better than my standard Wednesday lunch-time view...

Setting out along the ridge.

Attempting to tie shoelaces with sock hands, much to our amusement.

Boulders along the ridge multply...

...and Mark decides to climb them.

Trying not to look as scared as he actually is...

Strange monoliths along the ridge dwarf the borazine chemists.

Stonehenge at 2400 m above sea level?

Some very light scrambing. Note the hands in pockets.

Rock window with a view of the Kananaskis range to the south.

Mountains meet prairie to the north.

Taking photos of Mount Lougheed proved a convenient excuse to stop and catch my breath!

Mount Kidd and the Kananaskis valley.

Air's a little thinner here than in Halifax...

The castellated summit of the Fortress in the distance.

Group photo 2009...anyone missing?

Summit lunch panorama.

The Bow valley below the Windtower, the Three Sisters and Distant Mount Rundle.

Fresh Mexican mountain air.

The five peaks along the length of Mount Lougheed.

First summit. Mount Allan (2819 m).

One last Canadian summit bagged before I start adding European ones to my CV.

Tarns below.

The Mexican negotiates a ledge...sans cigarette!

Patrick climbing down the ridge.

Climbing random ridge rocks. Because we didn't get enough elevation gain already...

Nabbing a closeup before anyone falls off.

Mount Kidd behind impressive monoliths.

Mike hunting for marmots.


Doing what marmots do.

Taryn trying not to roll off the ridge.

Almost down, taking in the Kananaskis valley one last time.

Siesta time!

Mount Sparrowhawk rises above one of the Olympic summits.

Mount Allan: 1
Mark: 0

This is why you don't rent hiking boots.

Soothing sore feet in the creek.