Mount Indefatigable

Elevation: 2670 m
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
Like many other peaks in the area, Mount Indefatigable was named for an ill-fated WWI battlecruiser. The HMS Indefatigable was sunk by German forces during the battle of Jutland in 1916. Of the 1015 souls aboard, only 2 survived. The peak was first ascended in 1901 by the venerable Walter Wilcox.
My Ascents:
August 24 2008

Wanting to tag along for a trip to the mountains, James got in touch with me to see what I was up to. Having been up the Indefatigable outlier a year earlier, I decided to it was time to bag the actual summit. And so, we made our way to Upper Kananaskis Lake, accompanied by James' French friend Aurore.

Looking across Lower Kananaskis Lake towards Highwood Pass on ascent.

Mounts Pocaterra and Tyrwhitt across Peter Lougheed Park.

Beautiful clouds over Kananaskis.

Indian paintbrushes litter the lush slopes.

The north (true) summit of Mount Indefatigable at the end of the long death ridge.

One last smile from James before the panic attacks!

Let the scrambling begin!

Aurore has no fear!

Looking past the death ridge that connects the south summit of Indefatigable to the true north summit.

Aurore on the summit ridge...but where's James?

There he is! A few more hands-on manoeuvres to go!

James clinging to the summit ridge. We eventually enticed him the extra 20 feet to the actual summit by pointing out the register!

White knuckles? ("I do believe I'm having a panic attack.")

A fine view of the death ridge connecting the north and south summits of Indefatigable...a scramble for another day!

Upper Kananaskis Lake and Hidden Lake far below.

Looking west towards the headwaters of the Kananaskis River.

Higher peaks straddle the continental divide.

Glaciated Mount Joffre to the southwest.

Mount Black Prince stretches down from the northwest.

The Opal Range high above the Kananaskis Valley and Highway 40.

The wind messed up my hair.

Glaciers abound above Upper Kananaskis Lake.

James leaving his mark on the mountain. The Smith-Dorrien valley behind him.

Did she sign the register in French? You'll have to go up to see!

Summit panorama of the glaciated Royal Group, Upper Kananaskis Lake, and the Upper Kananaskis River Valley. Click to see larger.

Looking north along the Mount Black Prince and Mount Invincible ridge lines. Click to see larger.

Looking across Peter Lougheed Park to the Opal Range and Highwood Pass. Lower Kananaskis Lake stretches from one side of the Indefatigable outlier to the the other. Click to see larger.

Hidden Lake; Not so hidden from this elevation.

Warrior Mountain and Mount Northoever.

Beautiful Kananaskis Valley.

Highway 40 makes its way up to Highwood Pass.

A boat cuts through the white caps on Upper Kananaskis Lake...if it's that windy down there...

Group summit shot!

Lush valleys surround.

The near vertical strata of the Opal Range to the east. Some rather small looking people on the outlier.

A close up on the hikers on the outlier far below. Good thing my camera has a powerful zoom!

Aurore making her way down; Hopefully out of James' rock kicking range!

Another party on summit approach. He clearly took the hard way.

The dachshund however, displayed better route finding skills!

He did however, need a hand from time to time!

A focussed James concentrates on his footing.

The expression on his face is priceless. Surprisingly he didn't kill me once we were down!



Aurore and James taking it easy in the meadow. And by taking it easy, I mean falling and pretending it was to take a break...

Looking back towards the summit.

The Dachshund party traversing the death ridge.

Dachsund death ridge. The south summit on the left.

Victory beef jerky! So much sweeter than defeat jerky!

Fireweed colors the slopes below the death ridge.

Lush valleys draining into the Lower Kananaskis Lake.

Aurore in her driftwood hut at the bottom.

A scenic way to end the day. Upper Kananaskis Lake. Hidden Lake, once again hidden.