Cirque Peak

Elevation: 2993 m
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
Named in 1909 for the large cirque that lies at the base of its northern cliffs. Cirque Peak was first ascended before it had a name by H.P. Nichols, C.L. Noyes, C.S. Thompson, G.M. Weeks in 1899.
My Ascents:
August 19 2012, August 28 2011, July 16 2011, July 17 2010, August 3 2009, August 30 2008

After taking our work’s Finnish exchange student Jani up EEOR a couple of days earlier, I was eager to show him how much more beautiful the main ranges of the Rockies are and figured that Cirque Peak would be the perfect place to do so. Grant has endured my ranting and raving about how spectacular this peak is for years now, so he decided to tag along to see if it lived up to my hype!

The first views of a snowy Bow Peak on ascent.

Jani and Grant make their way towards Helen Lake and, ultimately, Cirque Peak.

What's cuter than a marmot? Answer: marmot babies.

The other two ditched this poor little fellow.

Surprising abundance of wildflowers. I thought for sure that the season would be late this year.

Helen Lake. More of a tarn really. Pretty tarn nonetheless.

Grant surmounting obstacles at high speed (as always).

Upper tarn. This one didn't make the lake cut apparently.

Watermelon Peak beyond the tarn.

This must be some Finnish hiking technique with which I am not familiar.

More conventional slogging up scree. Helen Lake below to the right.

Bow Lake comes into view as elevation is painstakingly gained.

Grant running up the small rockband that guards the summit.

Great views of Helen Lake, Bow Lake and Mount Crowfoot.


Jani on top.

Group summit shot.

Closer view of the Crowfoot Glacier.

Observation Peak to the north.

The intimidating-looking Mount Chephren.

Bow Glacier and Upper Bow Lake.

Gun show on summit #19.

Grant seeing what lays a little beyond the summit...

...answer: a snowfield, bergschrund and precipice.

Bow Lake and I match.

Last views of Bow Lake below the icefields before descending.

Team France making their way up: we randomly ran into Aurore with her visiting parents on our way down.

A much larger, much lazier marmot.


Closer view of the Dolomites. Route ascends between the 3rd and 4th towers. Whatever you say Kane.

Mounts Andromache and Hector.

On the road again...