East End of Rundle (EEOR)

Elevation: 2530 m
Elevation Gain: 900 m
The name EEOR (derived as an acronym for East End of Rundle) is likely a reference to the melancholy donkey of Winnie the Pooh fame. The peak itself is the most south-easterly outlier of the 12 km long Mount Rundle massif.
My Ascents:
June 30 2012, July 14 2011, June 25 2011, May 24 2010, June 22 2008, July 15 2007

After hearing about my weekend exploits in the mountains, a co-worker of mine who was visiting for a year from Finland asked if he and his wife Sanna could join me for, what we hoped would be, her first summit. My colleague Jani had kept busy with some ski-mountaineering over his winter here but was keen to see the view from the top when the valleys were green and less monochromatic. Wanting to give his wife a “taste” of scrambling, I suggested an EEOR ascent reasoning that the early season views are rewarding and that the hands-on scrambling on the summit ridge might make for an enjoyable (hopefully) experience.

Enjoying the views of Spray Lake from the upper slopes of E.E.O.R.

Jani and Sanna. Jani seemed more keen on modeling for portraits than Sanna did…

Crowds on Ha Ling across the valley. Inexplicably, our friend Jenn, who decided to try Ha Ling for the first time got lost somewhere below.

Conga line with a long drop to Canmore.

The "fun" part!

Sanna's first summit!

We brought a photographer to document the ascent. Just kidding; we did, however, let Gord tag along!

Jani and I above Canmore.

Happy scrambling Finns.

Group summit shot.

Parking lot. Hmmm...I think Jenn's car is still there.

E.E.O.R. ridge.

Summit #10 for the season. Double digits!

The old man finally put down his camera for long enough to have a photo taken of him.

Ha Ling in the foreground. Mount Lawrence-Grassi and the Three Sisters behind.

I think Jani has a photo very similar to this one...

Negotiating steep terrain just below the summit.

Picking and choosing a descent gully.

I think she's smiling because she's finally below that rock band.

The reward for our efforts: an entertaining glissade!

It's a bird, it's a plane...

Views of Ha Ling on descent.

Scruffy sheep.

My those rocks look delicious! Congrats to Sanna on her first summit!