Grizzly Peak

Elevation: 2545 m
Elevation Gain: 900 m
Grizzly Peak is the unofficial name for the western outlier of Mount Evan Thomas. The peak takes its name from nearby Grizzly Creek.
My Ascents:
June 17 2012, July 3 2011, November 13 2010, July 31 2010, October 12 2008, July 1 2008

Ever since he saw the photos from my first ascent of Grizzly Peak, Gord has been adamant that I include him in my plans the next time I climb this scenic little K-Country peak. Well, I guess I’m a bad son because, since that first ascent, I’ve climbed Grizzly Peak another 3 times and failed to include Gord in my plans! It was no surprise, therefore, that Gord was all in when I suggested a quick July jaunt up Grizzly Peak for what would be my fifth ascent. Catching wind of our plans, Grant (who accompanied me on that first ascent of Grizzly Peak years ago) was eager to bag a quick and scenic peak, so the three of us set out on a gorgeous sunny morning to finally get Gord up Grizzly Peak.

My fifth trip up Grizzly peak: great views of Mounts Evan Thomas and Packenham as per usual.

Beautiful weather...for now.

The shitty weather rolling in over the Kananaskis Lakes. Such a shame! I really wanted Gord to see the view up here at its best!

The old man and I trying to wait out the storm at the pass. Gord's wanted to to come up here for so long, and when we finally do, it pisses rain on us.

After 30 minutes, we realized that the weather wasn't getting any better, so we made a B-line for the summit. Grant trying not to get zapped by lightning.

Summit inukshuk. New addition for 2011.

The old man on the summit ridge.

Not ideal conditions, but Gord seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.

Group summit photo.

I'm an inukshuk.

Nasty weather on Mount Evan Thomas.

Nasty weather to the south. It was more or less just plain nasty. Time to get down before we get fried by lightning!

Of course, once we were well-down from the summit, the weather took a remarkable turn for the better...sigh.

Gord negotiating steep terrain.

Grant is indeed an apex predator.

Looks like winter was hard on the trees here. Mount Lawson in the background.

The only hands-on section of the day.