Grizzly Peak

Elevation: 2545 m
Elevation Gain: 900 m
Grizzly Peak is the unofficial name for the western outlier of Mount Evan Thomas. The peak takes its name from nearby Grizzly Creek.
My Ascents:
June 17 2012, July 3 2011, November 13 2010, July 31 2010, October 12 2008, July 1 2008

Having climbed Grizzly peak on a snowy November day, Brianne was curious to see what the view looked like from the summit on a beautiful summer afternoon. Since the peak is relatively easy with little in the way of hands-on scrambling, we decided to bring Crux along for company.

Crux tanking up at unmarked Ripple Rock Creek before starting the steep ascent of Grizzly Peak. Blue skies are an encouraging sign as it seems as though the weather is poor/unsettled every time I climb this peak!

Brianne literally dragging Crux up Grizzly Peak (left) with pointy Mount Packenham on the right.

Paws-on scrambling!

Crux navigating the narrow ledge with ease. I guess it helps to be puppy-sized!

So much for the blue skies! As seems to happen everytime I scramble Grizzly Peak, a storm blew in quite suddenly forcing us to shelter from the rain/snow before continuing the ascent.

Once the storm passed, the skies remained cloudy but we decided to continue to the col between Grizzly Peak and Mount Evan Thomas. Once at the col, we paused hoping for a break in the clouds before continuing upward. I guess Crux started to get hungry while we were waiting.

Mount Denny (left) and Mount Potts (right) amidst unsettled skies.

Enjoying a warm cup of tea at the col while the weather begins to improve.

Mount Kidd, Opal Ridge and the Wedge to the north.

Snow-capped peaks to the west.

Beautiful alpine meadows at the base of the Opal Range.

Mounts Evan-Thomas (left) and Packenham (right) from the col.

With the skies clearing, we decided to make our way up the more gentle open upper slopes of Grizzly Peak to the summit.

Stunning views of the Opal Range.

Brianne on the final summit ridge with Mounts Lawson and Inflexible in the clouds to the west. Looks like another unsettled weather day on Grizzly Peak.

The final summit push.

Crux’s fourth summit!

Tent Ridge above the green Kananaskis Valley. The Kananaskis Lakes in the distance.

Kananaskis Lakes.

Still winter over the continental divide.

Family photo on the summit.

A long way down!

Typical! As we were trying to enjoy the view, a storm began to approach from the north.

Brianne and Crux start to head down the summit ridge hoping to avoid the incoming storm.

Disappearing over the edge.

I love this view of the Opal Range but it’s not worth getting hit by lightning for! Time to GTFD!

Time for a glissade?

The quickest way down!

Teaching Crux how to glissade!