Mount Fairview and Saddle Mountain

Elevation: Mount Fairview - 2744 m, Saddle Mountain - 2433 m
Elevation Gain: Mount Fairview - 1000 m, Saddle Mountain - 700 m
First ascended by Samuel E. S. Allen and Walter D. Wilcox in 1893 the peak was officially named by the latter in 1894. The name is an obvious reference to the view from the top, however, the term “fair” sells it a little short in this instance. Although not a major undertaking, Mount Fairview is, nevertheless, a favorite of many prominent mountaineers including J. Monroe Thorington who wrote of it: “A small peak as a rule is the best view-point because there is still something left to look up to... And so it is with Fairview. Year after year we have come back to it; perhaps as a convenient training walk, but more likely on account of the sheer beauty with which it is surrounded." Saddle Mountain was also named by E.S. Allen due to its saddle-like appearance and is one of three peaks to bear this name in the Canadian Rockies (the other Saddle Mountains are located near Nanton and in the Ghost River Valley, respectively.
My Ascents:
July 8 2012, September 10 2011, July 5 2011, September 26 2010, August 1 2010, September 20 2009, August 23 2008, September 9 2007, July 6 2007

With my Aunty Di visiting from Victoria, my parents and I decided that we should take her up Mount Fairview to show her what she’s missing out on the coast! Mount Fairview may be the single best “bang-for-your-buck” in terms of the rewarding views for the effort expended in the Canadian Rockies and with a crystal clear sky, it did not disappoint! Always game for an ascent of breath-taking Fairview, Andrea decided to tag along on our little family excursion.

Guiding Aunty Di up the standard hands-in-pocket route on Mount Fairview.

Nearing the summit. Perfect views of Mounts Aberdeen, Lefroy and Victoria.

Mount St. Piran across Lake Louise (a vertical km below). The Bath Glacier and Mount Daly in the distance.

With proper adult supervision, Aunty Di made it safely to the summit.

The glacier clinging to the vertical walls of Mount Victoria has always impressed me. Here it looks like a few seracs have collapsed recently.

Spectacular bergschrund on the Victoria Glacier.

The Bath Glacier forming the southern extreme of the Waputik Icefield.

Round-topped Mount Niles with pointy Mount Des Poilus beyond.

Oh hey Chris - fancy meeting you here. Although Chris and I each set out independantly on this date, we both ended up at the same place! Always good to share a summit with your best friend!

Extended group shot.

The Gutierrez's (Gutierri?) - Chris, Jason and Alicia.

Summit doctor fight.

Much prettier than the coast!

Panorama Ridge, Storm Mountain (distant), Mount Temple, Sheol Mountain, Pinnacle Mountain, Deltaform, Eiffel Peak, Haddo Peak, Mount Aberdeen, Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria to the south.

Mount Victoria, Collier Peak, Pope's Peak, Mount Whyte, Mount Niblock, Mount Daly, Mount St. Piran and the Icefields Parkway to the north.

On descent we caught the Gutierrez's completing their two'fer on Saddle Mountain with Castle Mountain providing a vertical backdrop.

Not to be outdone, we went for the two'fer as well. Taking a breather on the summit of Saddle Mountain after a timed ascent.

Victoria still visible just beyond the Fairview-Aberdeen col.

A two'fer for the old man too!

Temple's gorgeous glacier.

Great view of Mount Hector from the summit of Saddle. Time to get down and celebrate the two'fer with a cold beverage!