Mount Fairview

Elevation: 2744 m
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
First ascended by Samuel E. S. Allen and Walter D. Wilcox in 1893 the peak was officially named by the latter in 1894. The name is an obvious reference to the view from the top, however, the term “fair” sells it a little short in this instance. Although not a major undertaking, Mount Fairview is, nevertheless, a favorite of many prominent mountaineers including J. Monroe Thorington who wrote of it: “A small peak as a rule is the best view-point because there is still something left to look up to... And so it is with Fairview. Year after year we have come back to it; perhaps as a convenient training walk, but more likely on account of the sheer beauty with which it is surrounded."
My Ascents:
July 8 2012, September 10 2011, July 5 2011, September 26 2010, August 1 2010, September 20 2009, August 23 2008, September 9 2007, July 6 2007

I love climbing Mount Fairview (as though the number of ascents listed above does not make that evident)! The peak is so aptly named and, in my opinion, the summit view is likely the best “bang for your buck” in the Canadian Rockies. I especially love scrambling Fairview in early season (early season in Lake Louise is July) when there’s still enough snow left to guarantee a spectacular glissade on descent! With the weather forecast calling for temperatures in the high 20’s, Brianne, Aurore, Joanna, Crux and I scurried to get out of Calgary and get to Mount Fairview before all of the snow melted!

What better start to a hike? The standard postcard photo from the crowded shore of Lake Louise.

Refreshing glacial water! Better tank’s a hot day for a black puppy dog to climb a mountain.

Early views of Mount Richardson across the valley as the larch trees begin to thin on our way up to Saddle Pass.

Massive Mount Temple peeks over the pass as we near the Saddle.

I promised Brianne and Crux each a treat at the pass so they rushed ahead.

Black puppy dog trying to cool off on a VERY hot day.

Haddo Peak providing inspiring views as the terrain steepens above the pass.

It’s important to wear a hat when you’re out in the sun all day.

Heat taking it's toll means break time...just a little higher Crux!

The spectacular summit of Mount Fairview, complete with a rather colorful crowd.

This is the way the view looks without people in the way!

Mount Victoria and the infamous Death Trap below.

The reason it’s called the Death Trap.

Looking north up the Icefields Parkway. From left to right: Mount St. Piran, Mount Niles, Mount Daly, Hector Lake, Bow Peak, the Dolomites and Mount Hector.

11,000ers Mount Hector and the more distant Mount Willingdon.

Blue skies over icefields! Mounts Niblock and St. Piran in the foreground. Mount Daly and Mount Niles in the background.

French killer! Mount Niles (center) and a distant Mount Des Poilus (left).

A swim would be tempting in this heat…too far down to jump in though.

Crux taking in the view of Lake Louise.

Looking across the Bow Valley into the Skoki area: site of Brianne and I's forthcoming backpacking/peak-bagging summer vacation!

Mount Richardson, Pika Peak and Ptarmigan Peak in Skoki.

Mount Douglas and Mount St. Bride in the distance beyond Skoki.

Family portrait for the Christmas card this year.

/facepalm as the kids say.

Lush green valleys and cool glacial ice: Mount Victoria, Collier Peak, Pope’s Peak, Mount Whyte and Mount Niblock across the valley.

Mount Temple (still over 800 m above us) beyond Mount Sheol and Haddo Peak. Pinnacle Mountain, Eiffel Peak and the Deltaform in the distance.

Great avalanche!

Soaking up the sun at 2,744 m.

Laggan giants: Aberdeen, Lefroy and Victoria.

Storm Mountain and Stanley Peak in the distance beyond Panorama Ridge.

The Breezy Goat and her kid.

Group summit shot with a dog in the way.

Better than last year when I got summit kisses from Steve.

Who wears short shorts? Apparently French girls (I thought they were supposed to be fashionable). This was certainly an effective strategy for escaping the heat, but at what cost?

Snow and ice stuck up you-don’t-want-to-know-where.

The Boss and Crux flying down a snowy Mount Fairview.

Goat glissade. The snow in this spot was surprisingly fast resulting in the need to assist some with their arrests.

New technique.

Grizzly bear bum (seen from the car). A perfect way to end the day!