Pocaterra Ridge

Elevation: 2670 m
Elevation Gain: 464 m
My Ascents:
September 25 2012, September 12 2011

With Aunty Di loitering about for another couple of days following her successful ascent of Mount Fairview, my parents and I, once again, decided to take advantage of a beautiful weather forecast to show off the Rockies for our visitor. This time, the destination was Pocaterra Ridge in the scenic Highwood Pass area of Kananaskis Country.

Fall starting to show its colors near Highwood Pass in Kananaskis.

Ascending "steep" terrain. While Pocaterra Ridge is nothing more than a hike, it is, nevertheless, a spectacular hike!

Much hands-in-pocket walking; even with an extra load to bear.

From the highpoint of Pocaterra Ridge, looking east across Highway 40: Mounts Rae and Arethusa.

The challenging (read: evil) summit ridge of Mount Rae, one of the loftier points in Kananaskis (3218 m).

Looking north down the length of Pocaterra Ridge towards the Kananaskis Valley. Smaller Gap Mountain to the left of impressive Elpoca Mountain and the rest of the Opal Range. The former is a scramble, the latter is not!

My mom all tuckered out and taking a nap in the shadow of Mount Pocaterra.

Aunty Di enjoys her second summit of the week!

Looking across Highwood Pass to Mount Arethusa, Storm Mountain and Mist Mountain.

Another summit with the old man.

Finally up from her nap!

Wide angle shot to the north and east.

The much larger Mount Pocaterra looming over its namesake ridge.

Group summit shot in front of the Kananaskis and Elbow Valleys.

Group shot in the direction that I deemed prettier.

Gord enjoying a perfect day on his tenth summit of the year.

Mom making her way back down "steep" slopes in front of the actually steep slopes of Mount Pocaterra.

Looking back the Pocaterras: Mount and Ridge, respectively.

Pretty tarn in the valley below.

Leaving Gord behind in bear country. A mother Grizzly and her cub were spotted in this valley earlier, but he still couldn't put his camera down for long enough to keep up.

Another successful outing with the old folks!