Cirque Peak

Elevation: 2993 m
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
Named in 1909 for the large cirque that lies at the base of its northern cliffs. Cirque Peak was first ascended before it had a name by H.P. Nichols, C.L. Noyes, C.S. Thompson, G.M. Weeks in 1899.
My Ascents:
August 19 2012, August 28 2011, July 16 2011, July 17 2010, August 3 2009, August 30 2008

Another beautiful August day, another chance to admire the spectacular view from the top of Cirque Peak! We ended up getting an unexpectedly late start after badly miscalculating how long the lineup at Laggan's would take! Luckily, my parents, whom we were meeting at the trailhead decided to go ahead without us rather than wait in the parking lot. We ended up catching up to them shortly before Helen Lake. Perfect timing!

Yet another trip to Helen Lake...with views like this, however, this hike never gets old.

Wildflower display in full bloom.

"Enough with the hiking" says Crux; "Let's get to the scrambling!"

"Or better still, let's go for a swim!"

Heading back down to pick up something, or rather someone, we mistakenly left behind. Hooray for more elevation gain!

After retrieving our lost item, it was time to start the ascent in earnest.

Long way to go to catch the rest of our group. Crux is the third speck from the left above the cornice.

Our lost "item": back on track and heading uphill to get her fill of scree!

Meanwhile at the top: Crux and the Boss trample up the final bits of loose scree to...

...the summit! Amazing views as always.

Lake Katherine at the foot of the Dolomites. Noseeum Peak to the left and Mount Hector to the right in the background.

The first summit party.

The Boss spotted a goat WAY down in the valley below. How she saw it from ~700 meters above, I'll never know. Nor will I figure out what she was doing staring at the rocks below instead of the gorgeous views all around!

Crux, on the other hand, took in the views of Bow Lake.

Helen Lake in the alpine meadows below. Bow Peak and Mount Crowfoot across the valley.

More beautiful views ;)

Mount Crowfoot and its impressive glacier. Mount Balfour beyond to the right and the Goodsir Towers faintly visible on the horizon in the center.

Giant Lake Louise area peaks. From left to right: Deltaform Mountain, Mount Lefroy, Mount Hungabee, Mount Victoria and Mount Biddle.

Better late than never! Another summit for Matt after deposting our last item high up on the scree slope where the view was spectacular enough to merit stopping.

Observation Peak to the north...that summit certainly merits revisiting...

Debuting my new yellow mountain jacket. Brianne opted for something a little less flashy.

Storm's a brewin'...A few minutes after this shot was taken, that cloud over the Bow Glacier started to produce lightning (aside: it's really cool seeing lightning hit the glacier). Cue the hasty descent!

Kicking steps to get everyone across the surprisingly steep and icy cornice (ask Gord how the "straight down" technique worked out).

Fraggle Rock flowers.

Group shot with Mounts Andromache and Hector behind.

Gord striking a pose befitting of his headband. "Don't put that one on the internet" - He pleaded. ;)

Stormy skies over the Dolomites to close out our day.