Ruby Ridge

Elevation: 2430 m
Elevation Gain: 888 m
Ruby Ridge extends to the southeast of the highest peak in Waterton National Park (Mount Blakiston) and was named for the vibrant red color of the rocks from which it is formed.
My Ascents:
June 15, 2014, May 25 2013

With another Father’s Day upon us, it was Gord’s turn to pick an outing and there wasn’t much mystery as to where he wanted to go. After a spectacular day on Ruby Ridge last spring, he’d been talking about returning (this time with my mom in tow) for a couple of weeks now. And so, following an enjoyable bathroom-less evening at the Stamps game the night prior, we woke up early to make the long drive down to Waterton.

We arrived in Waterton to find wildflower season in full swing!

Glacier lilies dot the hill-side along the Lineham Creek trail.

A spring flows atop colorful Waterton rock.

Glacier lily.

Shooting stars.

Future Saskatoon berries: sure to be a hit with the bears this fall!

Indian paintbrush.

Ball of caterpillars. Wait, what’s that? A ball of caterpillars? Gross.

After gaining about 200 vertical meters on the well-travelled Lineham Creek trail, we started to make our way up one of the more gentle open slopes to the north.

Even the “more gentle” slopes on Ruby Ridge are still STEEP!

Looks like Crux is out of shape after a long winter laying on the couch. C’mon Boy, the slope’s not THAT steep!

Starting to run into Ruby Ridge’s ruby red rock.

Mom powers up the red treadmill scree.

Crux takes a moment to contemplate his next move.

The flower photographer in his customary position.

The fruits of his labor.

Lineham Falls cascades down the steep headwall at the end of the valley.

Purple fringe adds a colorful but alien look to the landscape.

A scenic slog (but a slog nevertheless). At least near the summit, the angle relents somewhat.

Mom on the final summit push.

Cloudy views of Cameron Lake at the end of the Akamina Parkway.

Ice still covers the American end of Cameron Lake at the snowy foot of Mount Custer.

Like other dogs, Crux sees red objects as brown and green objects as grey so he doesn’t get too excited by the wonderful color of Ruby Lake in the valley below.

Poor Crux doesn’t know what he’s missing!

As far as Crux is concerned, the eastern end of Ruby Ridge is especially brown.

Vibrant Ruby Ridge and Mount Galwey beyond.

Waterton Lake faintly visible between Mount Crandell (left) and an outlier of Buchanan Peak (right).

Begging for food in the rain.

“Oh hi there. I can has your sandwich?”

The weather getting worse in a hurry.

Family photo just before the squall moved in. Happy Father's Day Gord!

Retreating to dryer conditions at the pub in the valley below.

Mount Blakiston makes a brief appearance before being swallowed up by the clouds again.

Pines twisted by years of trying to grow in the intense Waterton wind.

What goes up, must come down (eventually). ;-)

Trying to see the flowers through the rain.

Enjoying the final flowers of the day before making our way to the Bayshore Inn’s pub for the perfect end to a Father’s Day hike: pints and a burger!

Two tuckered hounds catch some “Z”s in the back seat on the long drive home.