Lake Minnewanka

Elevation: 1500 m
Elevation Gain: 0 m
Lake Minnewanka is a 21 km long lake located just outside the town of Banff. The lake has a long history of aboriginal inhabitation. Indeed, “Minnewanka” is the Nakoda word for “Water of the Spirits.” In 1886, Europeans established a beach house along the shores of Lake Minnewanka. By 1912, the townsite of Minnewanka Landing was also established nearby. Hydroelectric dams were built along Minnewanka in 1912 and 1941. The 1941 dam raised the lake’s water level by 30 m, drowning the 4 avenues, 3 streets, hotels, wharves and restaurants of Minnewanka Landing. Today, only scuba divers can visit this bygone tourist attraction.
My Ascents:
March 12 2016.

On March 12, Grandma and Grandpa decided to join Brianne, Mera, Crux and I for a small winter outing in the mountains. While we’d hoped to go for a small “hike” deeper in the more scenic main ranges of the Rockies, Ms Mera had other ideas…

After going “nuclear” between Banff and Canmore, Ms Mera Fuss McGuss got her way and we decided not to drive any deeper into the mountains, cutting our drive off at Lake Minnewanka. As soon as we stopped (and someone got some food), everyone was much happier!

An outlier of Mount Astley provides a scenic backdrop for Parks Canada’s signature red Adirondack chairs.

Hooves don’t provide the best traction on icy trails, so we stopped to put microspikes on Goat before the going got too slippery!

A family enjoys a game of shinny below Mounts Girouard and Inglismaldie.

Heavy cloud obscures Mount Rundle but it’s sunny here! Maybe it was best that we didn’t venture further into the main ranges!

Where the Hobbs family belongs – in the mountains!

After a pleasant lake-side stroll slip & slide, we reached the bridge over Stewart Canyon.

Looking down Stewart Canyon towards Lake Minnewanka.

Family photo on the bridge.

The Cascade River flows down the canyon. After pausing for photos on the bridge, we opted to make our way back towards the trailhead.

Grandpa and Grandma with their (fur)-grandchild.

Chilling at the Red Parks chairs.

Better let Grandpa sit down – he’s OLD!

Mera ♥ Grandma and Grandpa.

A colorful bunch.

Enough sitting, Mera wants to JUMP AROUND!

Hanging out with Daddy and his mountains.

Family photo op at Lake Minnewanka (or should that be WANNATUKA!?).

After a pleasant stroll, we all chillaxed in Mera’s fancy new ride before heading into Banff for coffee (we all wanted a nap by this point but only one of us got to have one)!