Mount Fairview

Elevation: 2744 m
Elevation Gain: 1000 m
First ascended by Samuel E. S. Allen and Walter D. Wilcox in 1893 the peak was officially named by the latter in 1894. The name is an obvious reference to the view from the top, however, the term “fair” sells it a little short in this instance. Although not a major undertaking, Mount Fairview is, nevertheless, a favorite of many prominent mountaineers including J. Monroe Thorington who wrote of it: “A small peak as a rule is the best view-point because there is still something left to look up to... And so it is with Fairview. Year after year we have come back to it; perhaps as a convenient training walk, but more likely on account of the sheer beauty with which it is surrounded."
My Ascents:
July 8 2012, September 10 2011, July 5 2011, September 26 2010, August 1 2010, September 20 2009, August 23 2008, September 9 2007, July 6 2007

After dragging Brianne up Mount Fairview during a veritable monsoon last September, I felt terrible that:
a) she froze her butt off and
b) she didn’t even get to enjoy the spectacular view.
Armed with a sunny July weather forecast, I was eager to take her back up Fairview to show her one of the most spectacular views in the Rockies!

My two beautiful girls up in Saddle Pass. She's smiling a lot more at this point than she was last September, soaked and cold!

The always gorgeous Mount Temple.

Contemplating the ascent of Mount Fairview.

Mounts Temple and Sheol through the larches.

Alpine flora.

On ascent: to one side, views of Mount St. Bride deep in Skoki.

On ascent: to the other side, Haddo Peak and Mount Aberdeen.

Brianne and Steve enjoying the snow.

On the summit under sunny blue skies!

Looking one vertical km down at Lake Louise.

See Brianne, it is indeed a fair view (when you can actually see it)! From left to right: Mount Temple, Mount Sheol Pinnacle Mountain, Eiffel Peak, the Deltaform, Haddo Peak, Mount Aberdeen, Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria, Collier Peak, Pope's Peak and Mount Whyte. Click to see larger.

From whence Lake Louise comes.

Victoria Glacier at the head of Lake Louise.

Closer up...coming apart in the heat.

Just below the Victoria Glaicer. Avalanches sweep the Death Trap.

Mounts Whyte and Niblock across the lake.

Gorgeous day!

Aberdeen Glacier.

Lefroy Glacier.

Breezy enjoying the view.

Looking out to the Icefields. Mount Niles, the Pyramid, and Mount Daly.

Mount Niles.

Bow Summit, Cirque Peak, and the Dolomites. Cirque Peak seems to be rounding into form...

Steve being his usual charming self during lunch.

Summit kiss!

Steve felt left out...

Happy summit couple.

The Plain of Six Glaciers hike down in the valley.

Temporary waterfalls along the Plain of Six Glaciers hike.

Lake Louise below Mounts Whyte and Niblock.

The panorama across the Bow Valley is dominated by Mount Hector. Click to see larger.

Castle Mountain.

Brianne models the latest in hiking fashion as we set off to make our way down.

The fast way down! Glissade!

Steve takes a more controlled approach, complete with ice axe.

Collision imminent?

Collision averted! Good thing too, because I think she's stuck in the snow.

How fast was she going? Too fast.


Fishing snow out of Lord knows where.

A quick peak of Lake Annette at the base of Temple. Wouldn't have seen it if we stayed on the trail.

Lake Annette in Paradise Valley.

A busy day on Lake Louise!

Mount Fairview from the lake.