Tunnel Mountain

Elevation: 1692 m
Elevation Gain: 300 m
Tunnel Mountain was originally referred to as Sleeping Buffalo Mountain by the Stoney people. In 1858, James Hector appropriately named the small peak “The Hill.” Later in 1882, a team of surveyors working to complete the Canadian Pacific Railway proposed building a 275 m tunnel through the mountain to do so. The tunneling idea was ill-conceived and described as the “most extraordinary blunder ever known in the way of engineering.” Although the tunnel was never built, the peak was officially named Tunnel Mountain. Today, the peak is a popular hike from the Banff town site.
My Ascents:
December 13 2015, November 15 2014, December 22 2012

At long last! After 2 months of bulking up (on the boob) and intense physical training (gleeful kicking and tummy time), it was time for baby Mera to take on her first peak in the Canadian Rockies! The objective? A bold winter ascent of a Banff behemoth: towering Tunnel Mountain (everything is towering when you’re only 1 foot, 10 inches tall). After transferring the contents of our diaper bag into a backpack, Brianne, Crux and I set off to guide little Mera up her first peak and to show her how amazing the view from on top can be (pity her field of vision is currently limited to 18 inches).

"This mountain climbing business is easy Dad!" I’ve got to hand it to my little girl – she took on 300 vertical meters without so much as breaking a sweat!

Brianne takes advantage of the canine-assist feature in order to keep up with Mera and Dad.

Mera celebrates her 2 month birthday with a snowy summit dance party!

Someone still needs help with her summit poses.

Summit cuddles with Mera. Unfortunately, she didn’t much care for the cold winter wind up high. I maintain that it wasn’t that bad and that she was just being a cry baby about it!

The first of many summits to come!

A wintry summit panorama featuring Mount Rundle (left), Sulfur Mountain (center), Eagle Mountain (center right) and Mount Bourgeau (distant right). Click to see larger.

Crux may not be the "baby" anymore but we still love him!

After a brief summit stay (we didn’t want to have to change a diaper on top!), we bundled our little one back up and started downwards, enjoying picturesque views of Mount Rundle en route. Mera told me that she wants to climb that one next! ;-)

Thawing out (and losing socks) at the Banff Brewing Company! What better way to celebrate Mera’s first summit than with a pint?

"What do you mean I can’t have a pint for another 334 months?!"